Monday, September 25, 2017

Richardson Corp Challenge Billiard 8-ball 2017/09/25 Monday 6pm

Partner 8-ball.  My first pool tournament on real table in decades.

I reached the venue after unsuccessful attempt to nap in my office.  It'd be a long night if we were competitive.  I was nervous during the drive to smoke-filled Billiard Den.

_what felt betrayal
Andrea ditched us again.  Meghan Stockinger graciously agreed to join.  Former intern Ashley had little experience with pool.  I spent most of my practice time helping her with bridge.  Our women's team lost 2 straight games.

_learning curve
Women's team came close to winning 1 match except for a scratch on 8-ball.

Holly and I lost our first match.  Holly was inconsistent making long shots; I judged table speed poorly.  Things slowly improved through out the night.

_feeling old
10 pm.  I couldn't stop thinking about bed time.  1 opponent asked me if we could use his personal measles cue ball.  My first reaction was "get off my lawn.  I was too wired to nap in car.

Holly lost concentration in semi final.  We won confidently because half of other team was drunk.  I started to feel the ball: banking, curving, and hooking became realistic.  Some spectators had never seen this level of play and showed appreciation, but Shane van Boening I was not.

_rolling through the field
John peaked for the tournament.  Chris was making good shots.  They won the winner's side for the double elimination.  Neither would be here if Robert and Brandon didn't give up their spots despite winning the tryout.

Everyone was tired by 11pm.  Didn't expect Brandon to stick around to moral support.

Holly regained composure.  I was finally able to string small runs.  I never had the chance to take out the jumpy.  We simply outplayed the other team for 2 straight matches.

Chris missed a simple shot and missed out on the chance to run out for the gold.

We were 1 point away from team gold.  We could've used Andrea.

We left Billiard Den at midnight smelling like ash trays.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Richardson Corp Challenge Run 5k 2017/09/10 Sunday

5k run race wasn't ideal this time of the year 6 days before Duluth Inline Marathon.  I didn't train and hoped for 7:05 pace.  I figured 22-minute finish would give Systemware a chance at podium assuming John Stewart started sensible pace, and the girls would average 9:00 pace. 

Lauren and Andrea both canceled, which made me want to bail too.  My time would be better spent skating Windhaven.

_out numbered
I didn't expect so many people. 
Southwest Airline:177
Texas Instruments: 111
Raytheon: 119
Pioneer Natural Resources: 164
PepsiCo: 103

I walked around all the participates and inserted myself 3rd row from start line.
The weather was great.

The gun went off on time.  I held 7:00 pace and was immediately passed by hundreds--some were in full sprint.  I felt good and nailed most passers back by 2-mile mark. 

I caught a big pack with less than half mile to go.  I went sub 6-minute pace. 

John Steward came in shortly after in Vibrams.
Seeley crossed the line huffin and puffin.
Robert Johnson set a PR.
I put on skates to keep Yi and hubby company.
Systemware ended up 2nd to last place ahead of an incomplete team.


Garmin 630xt
Distance: 3.06 mi
Time: 20:31
pace: 6:42 mph
HR: 169/190 bpm

Distance: 5 km (3.10686 mi)
Time: 20.34
Pace: 56th over all
winning time: 15:25

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hotter n Hell 100-mile bike ride 8/26/2017; Hurricane Harvey weekend

I skipped 2016 due to funeral in Taiwan.  2017 bike season had been unfocused and plagued by equipment issue.  I was confident PR of 4:36 was out of reach.  The legs struggled to recover from 9-mile time trial.  I wasn’t sure if the wheel alignment and new chain fixed the rear derailleur issue.  I was not anticipating ideal weather.

I was disappointed Murrells couldn’t make it.  Casey was recovering from Leadville 100 trail run.  Voon decided to do another race.  Casey’s coworker Joe took up the spare bedroom at Ann’s.

Good visit with Ann.
Injury-free, bonk-free.
Finish before noon => average 20.3 mph

[Ann’s new dog Wesley]

Rudy Project continued to have attractive helmet and sunglasses at unattractive price.
Most products made me feel I belong to an older generation.  The attendees made me feel young.  A 70-year-old observed that average age seems to rise by 1 year every year.

I bought bunch gels for Brandon and Robert’s first marathon and some gifts for Raluca.  I acquired enough Roctane for A2A and next 2 marathons.

Rain came before spaghetti dinner.  I put on the rain coat and was unconcerned about wet ride.  I scripted a 5:30 mostly solo ride.  This would be a training ride for A2A.

_century ride
Pre-ride went as planned.  I watched the fly by and office start from top of the bridge at 7:05am.  Air was humid but cool.  Mild wind.  Hurricane Harvey was 400 miles away.

The lead pack was led by a unfit-looking road cyclist using aero bar.  I let couple hundreds go before jumping in.

_easy first 50 miles
Garmin 310XT said mostly 23 or 26 mph with low heart rate.  I appeared to be in better shape than anticipated.  No one seemed to work too hard.  We were on track for 4:30 finish.  I wished I was fit to capitalize on the condition.  I disposed a full bottle at rest stop, disgusted I carried the dead weight for half the race.

_Hells Gate
I cut the timing chip to barebone and wondered if the sensor would pick the signal (it didn’t).

[timing chip setup unapproved by the organizer]

The big group split.  I was with 20 other guys and started to play team time trial.  Half the group wanted nothing to do with rotation.  We were quickly down to 9 and was swallowed by a chasing group.

Most boy scouts were surprised to see us.  Some riders didn’t get the anticipated water.  I took a long sip on my 2nd 700ml bottle and gave the remaining to a grateful triathlete.  I carried 100% too much water and felt like an idiot.

It wasn’t hard to stay in the group, but yo-yoing was scary at times.  The pace was erratic.  GPS showed 18 to 24 mph.  The pack lifted its pace suddenly; not everyone was ready.  I jerked my handle bar to avoid rear-ending.  I ended up riding on mud and grass.

_riding into ditch
I never unclipped.  By the time my wheels contacted pavement again, I was 20 seconds behind.  I chased.  Pack’s acceleration felt like deliberate: it spitted out 4 other guys.  I burnt all my matches futilely.

I worked with the only willing rider in sight.  I provided short pulls for which he excessively thanked me.  He pulled into R8 rest stop at mile 77.  I struggled to stay in the group that caught me.  I anticipated the wall to hit.

The wall didn’t come; the struggle prolonged.  The sun came out.  I worried I didn’t have enough water.  Things looked up at the mile-91 turn.  Head wind ended; pavement improved; suffering didn’t ease; we just went faster.  Left calf hinted cramping; I regretted carrying extra water instead of promotional sample Hotshot from the expo.  The twitch didn’t bloom into full cramp.

Top time in 2017’s beautiful weather was 4:04:55.
In 2015, top time was 4:13:18 when I rode 4:36:44

Water: 2x 24 oz + 2x 700ml (1000 ml unused).
Gel: 7
Jelly bean: 1
Endurolyte: 4 pills.

GPS: Garmin 310xt
Distance = 100.2 mi
Speed = 22.0 mph
Time = 4:33:52
HR = 147/171 bpm;
Power = 142/788 w
No stop

Butt was sore from riding at the seat tip.  I was unable to bend over to unbuckle the shoes.
I screwed up the chance to break 4:30 for the event but cherished the experience to struggle for the final 30 miles.  I remembered the 2004 promised: I wouldn’t waste the freedom if spine surgery succeeded.  2017 turned out to be a beautiful ride.

_reference point
2009 with yoga injury:
Time: 4:42:57
Speed: 21.2 mph
Heart rate: 155/180bpm
Stop #1: pee against fence at mile 27
Stop #2: regroup after bonking: mile 91
slow final 12 miles
Ride data:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Richardson Corp Challenge Bike 15k 2017/08/20

This was 1 of the 22 events Richardson hosted.  The written rules were wordy yet unclear partly because the word “team” was used for 3 contexts:
- The 4 riders whose time actually went into result
- The up to 20 riders who ride with timing chips
- All riders representing the company
There’s no rule against motor.  What would the organizer do if I showed up with Ninja?

Riders were not educated on passing.  We ended up slicing between riders and going outside of cones to avoid contact.

Not embarrass myself and the team.  Crash-free.

1 lane was blocked off but the corners weren’t well thought out given # of inexperienced riders.

I took off on my 12-year-old QR and the only sperm looking helmet in the whole event.  Ashley latched on.  I couldn’t imagines the girls accelerating quickly.  Beaney probably wasn’t ready on his hybrid.  For the first time I realized the ancient helmet had a huge blind spot from aero position.

First right was the only clear turn I didn’t worry about collision.  We made the turn without braking.  I made remaining turns conservatively and probably paid many seconds for safety.

Ashley took over on Waterview Parkway.  He attacked the hill with enthusiasm.  Neither of us knew how to pace a 9-mile TT; we went too hard.

The 2 Indian girls at Central right turn weren’t aware we were catching them at 28 mph.  I braked.  Ashley had to wait on 75 surface road.  The right turn was well-marked at Palisades Creek Dr.  Ashley stopped looking fluid once we started the long climb.  He told me to go, I decided to slow and hope he’d recover.  This was supposed to be a team time trial.  We barely made half way.

My heart rate was recovered by Campbell; legs didn’t bounce back.  Mild head wind.  I had the faster bike.  I accelerate gradually and hoped Ashley would hang on.  He did.  I struggled to reach for 26 mph.  The final right turn came quicker than expected.  I gave Ashley the lead.

Giving the cop and other racers too much room, I turned onto sidewalk at 20.8 mph.  I had to jump off a curb, Peter Sagan-like.  Wish there's a video.  Very happy having no road rash.  Heart rate transmitter broke just before race ended.

Garmin 310xt
Distance: 8.74 mi
Time: 22:42
Speed: 23.1 mph
HR: 165/180 bpm

Distance: 8.95 mi
Time: 22.38
Speed: 23.7 mph
Pace: 1st in division D

Tony Martin: 33.5 mph for 40k at 2017 TT World Championship.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Texadega Nights 30-mile run 2017/05/20

Duathlon at Joe Pool on 2017/05/21 was canceled last minute due to politics.  Raluca and I signed up for the night run as a replacement event.

Averaging 9:00 pace.

4 distances: 6, 9, 21, 30 miles.  Each has relay and individual version.
We ran laps on supposedly 1.4-mile track.  A human timer sat at timing mat calling out the runner’s name and lap count.

I started with Robert and Cody under 9:00 pace.  Cody settled into 8:30 pace.  I let him go.  I took a quick pee break.

Inside edge of the track was neither 1.4-mile nor flat.  The slanted surface made my strides uncomfortable.  Short distance runner departed the event.  The stadium felt lonely 10 mile into my run.

By 16th  of my 21 laps, the race track was sparse.  Trishop packed up the tent before I started lap 20.

Garmin 630
Distance: 28.84 mi
Time: 4:20:18
Pace: 9:02
HR: 144/168 bpm
Pee stop: 1

Official (and fishy)
Distance: 29.5 mi
Time: 4:20:52
Pace: 8:42
Place: 1st male master; 2nd over all

Race director Dan told me at 1:45am the award wouldn’t happen that night but texted his email address and promised to mail trophy.  It’s the 2nd event this year I might not receive my hardware.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hachie 50k; Waxahachie, TX 2017/05/06

_goal pace
9:30 ~ 10:00 pace first 10 miles. Maff HR.
9:00 ~ 9:30 2nd 10 miles.
9:00 3rd 10 miles.
8:00 final mile.

The timing mat was in the middle of loop for runners of both directions.  50-mile and relay were already on the course.  We had 1 minute to stage the start.  I ended up leading the race for a few minutes in the midst of confusion.  I kept looking back to make sure I’m not the only one going in that direction.

Pro runner Shaheen Sattar caught up to me.

We ran at similar cadence but somehow her strides were flowing.  She said a few nice things then took off.

I waited for the right person to follow.
[Frank McStay with headphone passed me.  His effort didn’t seem sustainable; I let him go.]

 I chatted w/ high-pitch and bearded Cary Collum for few minutes about shoes

3 women caught us.  I decided to run with women.  They seemed to have more fun.

_settling in
I kept Cary in sight every long straight.  Our lead on 4th place man grew at every turn.

There were 3 U-turns per lap.  I had 9 chances to see the distances between competitions around me.  The top 8 50k runners held our positions for 18 miles.  Then top male runner started to look erratic.

Cary didn’t seem so smooth toward end of the lap 2.  I planned to shadow him before blowing by him during final 5k but ended up passing him earlier.

My legs started to tighten up; heart rate rose with temperature.  No surprise.  I was losing ground to the women.  Shaheen was so far ahead, I could no longer quantify her lead.  I couldn’t see the lead man.  I was determined to protect my 2nd place.  I just needed 9:30 pace for final 6 miles.  I would attempt sub 8 final mile.

_hemorrhaging speed
Running felt harder during the modest ascend toward finish line.  Garmin showed 17:xx pace.  This felt like final miles of Boston.  I urged my tire legs.  The next split was 16:26.  Wow.

This was the scenic section of the course with lots of tree.  Everyone around was nice and encouraging.  The legs feel OK for mile-25.  I considered maybe Garmin wasn’t using GPS signal for speed.  But the first 2 laps was mostly in the 9’s.  I accepted the meltdown and focused on final 10k.  “I will hang on to the next passer.”

_surprise finish
The next passer never came.  I noticed the speed I overtook walkers--Garmin had to be wrong; I stopped looking at it.  I wish I had a pacer like Eliud Kipchoge.  I tried to relax and be grateful for the gift.  Mile 26 and 27 felt very long.

I heard the announcer at mile 28.  I never had this much leg left at end of 50k.  I was stoked to finish 2nd place male.  Top 4 women were already posing for photos at the finish line.  Someone told me I won men’s race.  I passed Frank miles ago.

Garmin 630 w/ missing GPS signal
Distance: 28.55 mi
Time: 4:38:20 (including pee stops)
4:37:17 (moving time)
Pace: 9:44 min/Mi
HR: 143/166 bpm
Cadence: 180/240 spm

Distance: 30k; 31.07 mi
Time: 4:38:10
Pace: 8:57 min/Mi

The left knee acted up during the short walk to car but recovered quickly.  I joined Raluca for her final 10k.  Her knee hurt and decided to end her day early.  She finished her first marathon distance race > 6 hours.  We celebrated at Sushi Rock.

Legs became less stiff after skate and bike the next day.  Left hamstring recovered the slowest.

I became more optimistic about qualifying for 2019 Boston.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Texas Big Star Half Marathon 2017/04/15

I won the free entry at Jones’ lecture.  Thank you, Trishop.

Stay with 1:40:00 pacers.

I ran behind Kevin and Rachel between 7:15 and 8:00 pace.  My legs kept up but felt uncomfortable for 4 miles.  The body found the rhythm half way into the race.  Runners around me started to drop.  It’s been 2 years since I ran at this intensity.

I wondered how much I had left at mile 10.  Rachel encouraged me to go.  My sub-7:00 attempt lasted for 1k but managed to stay in front of the 1:40 pacers.

Garmin 630
Distance: 13.14 mi
Time: 1:38:15
Pace: 7:29
HR: 157/185 bpm

Distance: 13.1 mi
Time: 1:37:50
Pace: 40th

The result appeared on the website Monday morning.  I was minutes behind the pacer.  My chip failed to trigger both timing mats at the start.  I messaged the Garmin data to organizer, who adjusted my time to 1:38:00.  This moved my placement from 74th to 40th.  I won an age group trophy.  My time was changed to 1:37:50 days later based on photo evidence.

Trophy arrived in mail 2 months later.